As a responsible financial institution Digital Face Bank is concerned about the safety of e banking customers. The world is now rapidly advancing in terms of technology and so do the fraudsters. These criminals continue to explore new ways to deceive people in the online world as they look for their next victim. To enjoy a secured experience, we do hereby offer several security tips for Online Banking:

1. Keep your user name and password confidential:

The password acts like a key to your web bank account. Sharing the password means that any other third party can gain access to your account. It is also advisable to keep changing your password in a regular manner. In addition, do not store your password in the computer.

2. Beware of questionable emails:

Scammers may also send you emails asking for your personal information such as a password or pin. Please note that Digital Face Bank will not request such information in means of electronic mail. Do not surrender your account credentials.

3. Use a genuine anti-virus protection software:

You should get the best quality antivirus protection available for your internet banking experience. They protect your personal information in your computer from being lost due to a virus.

4. Inform us if you have given sensitive information of your account to a third party:

Incase if you have submitted information to any questionable email which you have received, notify us with immediate effect. Make sure to provide us your current contact information so that we can get in touch with you with any questions or other matters that require your attention.

5. Always use a single PC or a smartphone to use the e-banking facility:

Ensure you have strong computer expertise to improve the safety of your personal information: Otherwise, avoid shared computers.

6. If you notice that some money is missing in your Digital Face Bank account, notify us immediately

7. Check your account often

This will enable you to identify the occurrence of abnormal transactions.